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The current era, in which we face a plethora of urgent, social, economic and ecological issues, demands a different approach to talent, other qualities and forms of cooperation. Het Nieuwe Instituut intends to explore the concept of talent and discuss it with designers, makers, curators, policymakers, the education sector and other stakeholders. These discussions take place at COMMON INN on 18 April 2019, in a series of Thursday Night Live meetings, as well as in interviews published in this online magazine.

Which new directions is education experimenting with? What does a designer or maker need in order to start building a career? How do we define success? How do we ensure that talent development is inclusive and how do we remember to keep in mind the blind spots and negative effects? Should we not forget the concept of talent altogether?


A New Definition of Talent

Het Nieuwe Instituut

'How can we ensure that we value talented people, while at the same time remain open to skills whose existence we do not yet know?'

Blind Spots

Rosa te Velde

'What kind of vocabulary or network and what social codes are acceptable in this competition? And what unwritten rules and blind spots are intrinsic to the assessment?'

A chain of support measures for talent development

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

'Talent development for us as an Creative Industries Fund means that we think very carefully about how we design a range of tools with which we can serve designers and makers in various ways during their careers'.

Passion, Love and Empathy

Pascale Gatzen

'The only criterion that truly matters is the willingness of the participant to surrender to their own learning process, to shape it themselves and to develop autonomously.'

An Abundance of Talent

Arna Mačkić and Afaina de Jong

'More diversity among teachers will lead to more diversity among the students, because for them the threshold will be lower. A diversity that creates a wealth of different experiences, interests, stories and new (visual) languages.’